Saturday, May 11, 2013

Wednesday, May 8, 2013. 

 Today I slept. As in all day. But I was told to do that, and really needed it. At about noon, I finally got up to take a shower, and thank goodness they have warm water here, unlike the dorms in Ghana. But they have to turn on a water heater in order to get hot water. So I was up for about an hour and a half, and then was tired again and went back to bed until 4:30. Then the other two volunteers and I went to the Sister's house to use the internet and to eat dinner with the Sisters. This apparently is a daily occurrence. So, after dinner, we stayed on the internet for a while, and then came back to our house. I got to meet “Lucky” and “Nala”, our guard dogs, and Lucky decided he really liked me by jumping up on me multiple times.

 My concerns right now:

 Last night I was freezing! I didn't expect it to get so cold here at night, and the large windows in my room make it super cold. I found another blanket in my room, though, and I can use the space heater in my room for a little while before bed. I will need to buy more warm clothes here.

 The volunteers have a car to use to get to the school we will work at, and to and from the sisters. Great! Except, first of all, I will be terrified to drive here due to the whole “driving on the other side of the road” thing. I'm still not used to it. But, mainly, they drive stick shifts here, and I don't know how to drive one. The two Czech volunteers here are leaving in 6 weeks, meaning I have to learn how to drive it. Oh dear.

 Thirdly, I am confused about everything. The volunteers talk with the Sisters about what's happening tomorrow, and who needs to do what/go where, and I'm just sitting there, confused. I know this will take time, and I'm half asleep anyway, so that's not helping. Tomorrow is a feast day, so school is canceled. Hopefully Friday I will get to go see what the school is like, and figure out what I am going to be doing. I'm excited to meet the social worker there and see what she does!

 Well, it's only 7:30pm here, but I am going to bed. I'm up at 6am tomorrow for mass, and then I don't know what else is going on. I need to start getting used to waking up early because I will begin work early every school day as well. It's only 1:30pm where you all are. Thanks again for all of your prayers and happy thoughts when I was traveling here. I REALLY appreciate you all doing that. :)

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