Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunday, May 19:

Today Father Sean Sr. picked me up to go back to the church in Lolli (where we went last week) because Anezka and Magda went to a different church to say goodbye to some of the congregation. I wanted to go to Lolli because a guy from the United States who has traveled all around Africa producing local music for different areas and volunteering with the Salesian Brothers was going to be there. He had a layover in Johannesburg for 24 hours, and had volunteered here as well, so he knew Father Sean Sr. It was neat to talk to him, and he was really surprised to hear that I lived in Cincinnati for a year, as he was from there.

After church, I had to get back into the house by myself for the first time, which meant turning off the alarm when I entered the house. When we first enter the house, it starts to go off, but just a high pitch sound until we enter in the correct code. So, being how it was my first time doing so, I started to enter the wrong code, so the whole house alarm started to go off in a full siren, until I punched in the right one. I thought I would be ok, since I punched in the right code very soon after, but 20 minutes later a guy from the alarm company came to make sure that everything was ok. We have a secondary code that we must say to him in order for him to know that I actually live here.

For dinner, Magda and I tried to fry potato slices on the stove, but it was taking way too long, so I ended up cutting them into smaller pieces, and then smaller pieces still, so they ended up being french fries. But they still took forever to make, so the joke of the night was: “Africa. Where everything takes longer, even cooking potatoes.” That night I watched Big Band Theory with Magda.

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