Sunday, June 23, 2013

Friday June 7:

Apparently (How am I just finding out about this now?) every morning in our big hall, there is a session for any “Skills” student who wants to attend, which is run by Father Mbongasani (from Africa) and Father Sean (from Canada). We sang the national anthem and I was happily surprised that the four verses are in Zulu, Sutu, Afrikaans, and finally English. Luckily there were lyric sheets to look at and to try to follow along. Then we had a talk by Father Sean about riddles in the Bible, and Father Mbongasani does a talk each day about life skills. Then we put the chairs away and did Zumba. Seriously. There was a man who was up at the front, and we were all in lines, following along with him and some dance music. I'm not sure if they do Zumba every morning, but it was really fun to see 20 some guys and only a few girls dancing.

We found some more case notes yesterday in our office, so I typed up some more today.

Anezka and I went for bread, and because there wasn't that much, they actually gave us more today from the back. These loaves of bread were not cut properly in the machine, so some of them had holes in the bags, but only because of this reason.

While sitting at the gas station, getting gas, we saw a car accident on a corner nearby. What was really weird is that a firetruck came really soon after, like under 2 minutes. We are pretty sure it was just a coincidence. We don't think there was anyone severely injured, and it's a good thing the driver sits on the other side of the car, as if they were on the left side, they probably wouldn't have made it.

Today at Oratory after school, a couple girls decided to braid my hair in tiny braids, and one of them gave me a back massage at the same time. Hard life here, huh?


I had purchased a football at a grocery store the other week, and the children were happy to play with it, but I had to teach them how to throw it, as they had never thrown one before. (Dad, are you proud of me for passing on this important skill you taught me as a child?)

After Oratory, many children were going to walk over to the SOS Children's village's soccer fields, so they all piled into the back of the truck, and we traveled like that. Again, really unsafe, but perfectly legal here, and so much fun!

Just chilling in the back of the truck, driving down the highway a tiny bit over a bridge, and then a side street:

We had the Fathers and “Brothers” over tonight, one last time before Anezka and Magda go home next Saturday. We had South African beer (which tasted like watered down beer) and South African wine. The Brothers stayed longer to watch powerpoint presentations the girls made of pictures throughout the year, and we played music and talked.  

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