Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sunday June 9:

This morning we attended mass in Finetown, where a lot of our children from school live. Mass is held on the same property as the day care that the Sisters run, and where I go every Tuesday. Actually, our elementary school was first started in Finetown, and they used the big church building for all of the classes. We then went to the Sister's house, and while waiting for the new Irish volunteers, we all watched one of the soccer matches on tv. It is really funny seeing the Sisters all watching soccer and getting excited for it. The new volunteers came, and actually one of them, Mary Theresa, is the grand niece of Sister Margaret. There is also Amanda, Mary Theresa's best friend, and Colm who lives in the same community as them. 

Saturday June 8:

It was a boring day today, as it was just a day to sleep in. Later in the afternoon Magda and I went to the Sister's house for internet access. I also did some work from home. Magda, Anezka, Rachel and I all had dinner together, and we were expecting some new volunteers from Ireland to come tonight, but we finally got a call to say that they were coming tomorrow.

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