Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunday, May 26:

Today we were at Lolli again for mass, and after mass Magda led her younger children youth group, and Anezka led her young adults bible study. After this, we were all invited to a woman's house, as her granddaughter had graduated the day before from the University of Johannesburg. So all of the younger children, Magda and I climbed into the back of our truck, and Anezka and “Nati”, (one of the brothers-to-be) drove us to the house. The children and us girls played “keep-away” for a while, and then we all sat in the garage with the many young adults. The graduate came out dressed in her cap and gown, and different people would go up to the front, and then in front of everyone talk to her and wish her well, inbetween all of us singing. Of course, most of the talks were not in English, and most of the singing, but it was neat to experience what their graduation parties are like. This took about 2 hours, and we were all starving when the food was finally ready. We ate a fancy pap, chicken, salsa, and sausage, and Nati, Magda, Anezka, me and Mpilo (one of the “brothers”) had VIP seats in the house on these really fancy seats. Their house was really nice inside, with a giant China cabinet, and many rooms.

We drove Nati and Mpilo home, which meant putting their bicycles in the back on the truck and cramming Magda, Mpilo and me in the back. Another very fun ride.

Saturday, May 25:

Today was a free day again. Anezka, Magda and I went to visit a lady who they had met before. She lives in a farther part of Finetown and she has started her own organization that helps to take care of those with disabilities. She has volunteers that help her to go and visit/take meals to over 80 children and elderly who are stuck inside homes in the area. Some of their parents/caregivers are not there during the day due to working, and some are ashamed of them so they hide them inside, as the perceptions here on those with disabilities are not as advanced as in Canada or the United States. We took her some food the girls bought here and toothbrushes and toothpaste I had brought from home so she does not have to use her own supplies. She is finally going to get funding from the government next year, which will help purchase food and other supplices, as sometimes she can only visit them without food. She wants to build a center for them to be brought to every day, so they can all be together, doing crafts, and eating meals together during the day. It was very powerful sitting there and listening to her speak about helping all of these people at her age.

Later that day I got to Skype with my mom, dad and Laura for a long time, and it was really nice to see them again.   

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